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Martian Confederation
Political Information
Government Type Loose colonial confederation
Founding Document Olympia Charter
Constitution Olympia Charter
Head of State Consul
Executive Branch Office of the Consul
Legislative Branch Martian Parliament
Judicial Branch Martian Court of Justice
Military Branch Martian Ruberequitum (Red Troopers)
Societal Information
Capital Olympia
Official Language Swedish
Currency Martian credit
Economic System Mixed
Practiced Religions Atheism
Martian paganism
National Motto Mars rubiginem de mari Rubro, et resurget. (Latin: From the red rust of Mars, we rise.)
Demonym Martian (native species)
Martialis (human colonists)
Historical Information
Independence Declared 8 June 2045
Independence Recognized 8 June 2045
Last State Entered the Union New America (10 July 2045)
The Martian Confederation is the loose association of human colonies founded to administrate the colonies along with the Earthan governments on Mars.

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